Dear Members and Friends,


ātac’s mission to create community through the arts may seem simple, but it includes elements that are dynamic and difficult to define. All three--creating, community, and art--require inspiration, bravery, and devotion. Communities expand and shift and needs evolve. Both making and witnessing art are visceral and vulnerable, it has equal power to connect or divide and we take a risk together when we engage. Creating is the most unwieldy of the three. It can be challenging to discern if something is being created or destroyed. Often it’s a little bit of both. I love the courage presumed in our seemingly simple mission to do three of the hardest and most rewarding things humans can accomplish together. 


Our fourteenth year saw challenges and innovations. Although not all were planned or produced the outcome desired, they encouraged our board and staff to make brave choices for the future of ātac and the communities it strives to serve. We remain dedicated to using our resources to contribute something beautiful and worthy to the MetroWest region. 


With the help of our board, donors, volunteers, and staff we accomplished low-cost/high-impact renovations to the facilities, including fresh coats of paint, refurbished and re-designed sound and lighting, and even new trash receptacles. These upgrades not only create a stunning environment for performers and audience members but they also help our effort to increase our rental income, a key component to our future financial security. Our outreach grew with a focus on social media and marketing, and ticket sales increased, resulting in increased income for performers, a fuller audience, and a better overall experience. Although we haven’t had the time necessary to assess its full impact, the new logo and website were designed in an effort to increase visibility and clarity about who we are as a professional, vibrant art and performance venue. 


2019 was a year of soil tilling and seed planting. As we move into the second half of our fifteenth season, we are watching these efforts sprout in the form of new connections within the community, an increase in memberships, and a promising spring program. Thanks to the devoted support of our friends, volunteers, and members, we are growing the creative harvest of a stronger, more dynamic, and vital ātac.


Grateful to be in community with you, 

Jannelle Codianni

Executive Director