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"Art & Mind" is an marginalized artist art show series developed by Black disabled activist, creative/Art Coordinator Amaranthia Sepia (@emobunnycomic) and co-created by her Mom, Claire Jones (@clarityisjustsohip), a Caribbean Black (Bajan) creative  
+ domestic violence and marginalized women survivors advocate. 


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Our motto is: Activism, Art, Authorship

“Art & Mind” focuses on advocacy, storytelling, and creativity, making a multi-faceted disability-accessible project highlighting marginalized women/femmes (WOC, LGBT+, disabled folks, etc). This concept has a focus on using virtual platforms because many disabled people are homebound or experience agoraphobia. We hope to create a physical, but accessible space in the future. 

This first show, which has been in development since October 2020, is focusing on how women and femmes have faced severe hardship and discrimination during the pandemic. 

Learn more about Boston Based activist-focused non-profit, Brain Arts Org which our show raised money for.


This show’s initiative:

Our goal is to provide a platform for women/femmes struggling with mental health/illness who are triumphant. We want to see art and creative pieces highlighting your experiences, or a woman/femme whose experiences have inspired you, and how you've handled them before or during the pandemic through any medium. 

We're featuring stories highlighting the disparities women/femmes face from all walks of life  while uplifting other women/femmes, giving them hope. In turn, we hope these stories will encourage women/femmes to take the next step forward to take charge in their lives, stand up for others who are struggling, and advocate for change.

How can your story positively impact others?

About the Creator 

Hi! My name is Amaranthia Sepia. I’m a Black, invisibly disabled Art Coordinator and have faced discrimination in the art gallery world due to being a minority and creating unconventional activist artworks. Since 2020 I’ve been involved in developing activist art shows. My Mom. Claire Jones, and I, are passionate about developing an accessible virtual art gallery platform for marginalized people, particularly POC, WOC, and disabled creatives through our project, “Art & Mind.” From age 14-16, I did solo anti-bullying art exhibits titled “I’m Proud of Who I Am.” to cope with bullying and racial discrimination with the help of my Mom, who is a writer creative, and mental health advocate. We deal with invisible disabilities and face discrimination for our work that highlights race, misogyny, mental illness, and domestic violence. 

Together, we hope to make "Art & Mind" a platform, so other POC/WOC/disabled folks can have a home for artwork highlighting radical anti-stigma artworks usually shunned by society. With the help of our small team of artists with lived experience of disability and/or chronic illness, we hope to create more of these shows.

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