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Thank you for your interest in Liminal, ātac’s Gallery160 Installation Series!


Typically we are unable to feature installation work in our galleries, however, the Covid-19 health crisis, gives us the opportunity to utilize our gallery space differently. We are seeking proposals for large scale instillations for our Gallery160, a second floor, fully ADA accessible two-room gallery space. See below for the illustrated floor plan.

Installations will take place during our 2020-21 season (September-June) and have up to two weeks to install, one week for viewing through virtual tours, and one week to dismantle. The construction and deconstruction process will be documented and visible to our patrons via webcam, photos, and short interviews with the artist. Once the installation is complete, we will provide virtual tours to ticketholders which will be recorded for later viewing as well. 

Liminal is part installation work and part performance, so think about the construction, tour, and deconstruction as part of your overall project. We’re looking to provide a multi-layered, engaging visual arts experience for our community. 

Please fill out our form below and send your proposal to with “Liminal Proposal” as your subject line.


The proposal must include:

  • Artist Statement

  • Project Goals and Objectives

  • Timeline

  • Images or Link to Your Portfolio 

  • Materials Used 

  • Project Budget

  • Funding Sources

  • Resume and References 

You can find a layout of the Gallery160 here, indicating the usable space. Your design must include ADA accessible walkways. Artists and assistants must follow all health and safety guidelines outlined by the state, CDC, and ātac at the time of installation. 

There is no fee to apply for any of the Galleries, although you must be a member. Please let us know if the cost of membership would be prohibitive. Not all submissions will be chosen. You will be notified of acceptance via email.

We are currently offering a rolling submissions deadline.

Thank you so much for your interest! We look forward to reviewing your proposal. 

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