Public Art: Many Cultures, One Heart

The newly formed Framingham Centre Common Cultural District (FCCCD) is creating a public art project entitled, Many Cultures, One Heart to celebrate Framingham's many artistic and ethnic voices. ātac is excited for this visual representation of the distinct cultures and voices that make Framingham what it is.

We will be sponsoring two heart sculptures. One Heart will be placed within the Cultural District to highlight our mission as an essential component of our city's creative culture. Another heart will showcase a local artist's unique vision of downtown culture on the grounds of our historic Firehouse venue. We’re excited to represent ātac within the Cultural District on the north side of Framingham and represent this project in our downtown community.

Many Cultures, One Heart follows in the footsteps of public art projects that use fiberglass forms to create a city-wide exhibition. In 1999 with the “Cows on Parade” project in Chicago, many cities have added their take to the concept. Syracuse, NY, created “Horses on Parade” in 2001, honoring the animal that made the city’s growth possible in the 1800s. There have been flamingos in Miami, fish in New Orleans, and pigs in Cincinnati. While the forms change, the goal is often the same: to create a vibrant, noticeable, large-scale exhibition that gives neighbors pride in their city and adds beauty to our communities.

We love that the Framingham Centre Common Cultural District has chosen the Heart to represent the cultures that have grown our city and the creativity that makes us shine. The arts are a big part of our city, with home to multiple artist studios like The Saxonville Mills and Howard Street Studios, production companies like Red 13 Studios, Media Boss, and Framingham Access TV, performing and visual arts centers like Danforth Art School, PAC MetroWest, A Common Thread Theater Company, and of course ātac. In addition, groups and businesses like Downtown Framingham Inc, Jack’s Abby, and The Friends of Saxonville have supported public mural projects that enhance our city’s look and provide valuable space for artists to exhibit their skills and talent. Many Cultures, One Heart is set to be another such opportunity, and we’re pleased to know that it comes with a stipend of $200 for participating artists with additional funds for supplies.

ātac is looking for artists to design our two hearts. The Heart exhibited in the Centre Common Cultural District on the north side of town will highlight our Firehouse home and the many art forms we showcase and nurture. The Heart we’ll exhibit on our grounds will center our downtown community. We’ll be getting input from our neighbors and would especially like to have an artist from our downtown community. If you are interested or know someone who is, please connect with us! You can email me at

We are running a fundraising campaign to support our participation in this project. A donation toward our $4,500 goal helps us support this project, two artists, and preserve our funds for operations as we continue to experience pandemic-related challenges. Your gift is tax-deductible, and contributions in any amount will be greatly appreciated. If you’re able, please make your donation online here.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the creative process as this project develops!