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A series of talks with artists and performers.


They have 20-30 minutes to speak to whichever part of their process they choose, with equal time for audience questions and comments.  Artists may present on old or new works, thoughts on a concept, an experience, or anything related to the art-making process.

These talks dig deeper into the practice of art-making. What is learned when things don’t work out? How do we know when something is completed? Who is the work for? What is a first exhibition like? What is the last show of a long tour like?  What does it feel like to diverge from a long-explored aesthetic? What is a favorite aspect of craft? Exploring the answers to questions like this and more can bring us further into our own creative process and connect us more deeply to the works we already love.


We are still have slots available for artists. Want to be a part of the Process? Fill out the form below!

upcoming lectures

  • Process: Kelsey Leuenberger
    Process: Kelsey Leuenberger
    Zoom/Facebook Live
    May 13, 7:30 PM EDT
    Zoom/Facebook Live
    Interdisciplinary Acts In Design
  • Process: Janis Luedke
    Process: Janis Luedke
    Zoom/Facebook Live
    Apr 15, 7:30 PM EDT
    Zoom/Facebook Live
    The Making of a Children’s Book – from Mexico to Natick Join artist Janis Luedke as she discusses the inspiration and process behind her "Heart Heads" children's book.

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