Featured Events @ ātac showcase a diverse collection of musicians, From Bluegrass, Folk, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz and Synthwave, our venue proudly offers MertroWest residents opportunities to experience music from every walk of life.  

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Visual Arts @ ātac is home to many programs and galleries which support artists and offers MertroWest residents opportunities to engage with the arts. Our three galleries (Gallery160, Stage Gallery, and Morton Street Gallery) are expertly curated with a rotation of group and solo exhibitions. In addition to meetups, artist talks, and exhibition opportunities, we offer an artist level membership to support artists in their craft, business, and community connections. 

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please visit our Visual Arts page.


amplify! is our open mic series working to amplify individual voices, community connection, and confidence. Folx of all skill levels have multiple opportunities to perform in our professional performing arts venue in a safe and welcoming environment. The series consists of three monthly open mics: Comedy, Poetry, and Singer-Songwriter, plus our Jazz Jam + Show.


Each open mic is intentionally welcoming to individuals of all skill levels, ages, backgrounds, and identities. With a variety of creative expressions represented, amplify! is making space for every voice to be heard!

To find out more, please visit our amplify! page.

Grindhouse Firehouse logo.png

Grindhouse at the Firehouse is a monthly series that screens all the cult, horror, art-house, samurai, kung-fu and very weird movies you love! Presented by the Midnite Romero Society, hosted by ātac: downtown arts + music and is programmed by cinephiles for cinephiles!

To find out more, please visit Midnite Romero Society's website.