virtual open studios + house tours 

Are you an artist, art collector, have a historic or otherwise interesting home, are you a curator of curiosities? 

We want to see what you’ve got! 

ātac: downtown arts + music is putting on a series of open studios and museum-style house tours for the viewing pleasure and entertainment of everyone else safely tucked into their homes during this challenging time. We’re looking for people who have a home full of artwork, collections, or just clever and funny folks who can make the ordinary extraordinary! 


We have a limited number of stipends available for artists whose income has been affected by COVID-19. 

ātac will:

  1. Create a zoom meeting and send you the invite. 

  2. Create a free Eventbrite event 

  3. List your tour on our website, create a Facebook event and promote it on our social media and newsletter. 

  4. Post the recording of the tour to with a link to your website 

Want to participate?

upcoming tours!


tour guidelines


Tours should be about 20 munites long. If your tour participants are engaged and you want to stay on that’s great too! 


​Make sure tours have a beginning middle and end, Take some time to think it through, know the “stops” on your tour and the points you want to highlight. It’s a little different to engage in a virtual medium, so it might be good to have some prompts for your tour participants. That said, don’t stress, have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to “go off script” if your tour is interested in something you didn’t expect.


Try for ok camera work. But again, don’t stress--just make sure we can see what you’re talking about and we don’t get too seasick. If you’re quarantined with a buddy, have them follow you around with the phone, or just set up your lap-top in each room. 


You are going to need to put pants on. This isn't a company conference call. 

Emma's shotgun 1br gallery + home studio

Saturday, Apri 11, 3pmEST